Downloadable Workouts

Here you can find my weekly (sometimes bi-monthly 😉 ) workout plans. They are organized into week-long splits, consisting of 6 workouts per PDF. These are completely free of charge.

Currently, I perform hypertrophy, body-building style workouts that I customize to align with my own fitness goals. Needless to say, these workouts are personalized for ME and are not created FOR you but rather shared WITH you. These workouts are a free resource for my community to see what I’m up to at the gym and get ideas for their own workouts.

These are NOT comprehensive guides – I do not explain how to perform exercises, show visuals, or discuss form. The workouts (for the most part) do not build on each other nor is difficulty increased week to week.

At the end of each workout plan is a glossary to define terms I may use in the plan.

Not all of these workouts and exercises will work for your body and your goals.

So what’s my split?

I change my split time to time but am currently enjoying a legs, push, pull split with an added glute-focused day and shoulder & abs day. This means I work lower body 2 days/week and upper body 3 days/week.

For the most part, these workouts are hypertrophy-training-based but some workouts include a functional style burnout.

I try to rest every 2 days of training. So for example, I train Mon & Tues, I rest Wed. REST is important for accomplishing any fitness goal.

Expect the workouts to take between 45-60 min if completed in full.

These workouts do not include warm-ups, cool-downs, any mobility work, activation, or stretching. However, these are very important aspects of my workout routine and are essential, especially with this style of training. Don’t be another stiff, miserable gym bro.

Finally, a big disclaimer: like any workout, perform at your own risk. Not all exercises work for every body. Weight and resistance needs & goals differ from person to person and from day to day. Also, food. Eat it. Be smart, listen to your body, workout in ways that you enjoy.

The Week of Workouts

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Training Playlists

I also create weekly playlists to pair with the workouts. Check them out here.