Private Yoga

One-on-one yoga sessions

Looking for personal attention? A session tailored to your body and goals? Treat yourself to the private yoga experience.

Private yoga is great whether you’re an experienced yogi or completely new to the practice! Absolutely no experience required.

In our private session, I will get to know you and your goals and together we will create the perfect practice for you as an individual! There is no set format to private sessions; we will decide together what’s best.

Packages & Pricing:

  • Single private session …. $75
  • 3 60min session pack …. $215
    including 30min consultation
  • 6 60min session pack …. $425
    including 30min consultation

Private sessions are all about you, your preferences, and your schedule. If you purchase a package, you can distribute your sessions however it works for you!* We can meet once per week, twice, even just once per month! And no loss by cancelling!**

Session packages include a free consultation, where we will discuss your goals and intention. This can be done in person over coffee/tea, before your first session, on the phone, or FaceTime.

If you’re interested in receiving private sessions, please answer this short questionnaire so I can better know about your experience with yoga and personal goals!

Prices vary based on your location – we can practice in your home, a public space or in a studio with equipment (mats, blocks, straps, bolsters) for a slightly higher rate. Contact to hear specifics.


*sessions expire after 3 months

**please cancel within 2 hours of start time. Unforeseen no shows count toward your session package.